Cyber Security World 2017

Web Application Testing with Kali Linux

Create your own web penetration test lab and then learn the basics of a thorough web application security assessment using Kali Linux at Cyber Security World 2017! If you haven’t received the password yet please contact me via the form below of contact MISTI.

Note to Mac users: I have received feedback that the encryption on the files you download doesn’t work with some Mac unzip files. I have confirmation that The Unarchiver will work. It is a free iTunes download.

These are pre-made virtual machines, so choose “Open a Virtual Machine.”

Open a Virtual Machine

Here’s What You’ll Need:

  1. Kali Linux:

Any version of Kali Linux will work, however to get the most out of the class it is strongly recommended that you download the virtual machine image that was customized for MISTI’s Cyber Security World.

Download Here (Get password from MISTI)

 2. Testing Target:

This class will use a software package that has been put in to a virtual machine image to use as a testing target to provide a real-life testing scenario.

*** The encryption on this file was causing problems for several people. MISTI will be providing a new URL ***

3. VMWare

You will need to ability to run a VMware virtual image. For Windows systems the easiest way to do this it to download their free VMPlayer.

Download Here

4. FireFox with the Web Developer add-on

Download Here

5. File Upload Test Payloads

Download Here

If you need help, email us here:

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