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Apple’s New (and Unannounced!) Move Towards Improved Privacy

This week Apple made an historic move towards improved privacy for users of its mobile devices. The problem is that few know they did it and even fewer understand what it is they did. We’ve all heard by now of the concerns on government spying and our mobile carrier’s ability to track out whereabouts by triangulating our cell phone signals. However, very few people know about the simple way our mobile devices betray our trust every day. You see, every device on a network has a unique “name” called a Media Access Control address also known as a MAC address. Your phone, tablet and any other device with Wi-Fi enabled…

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The Needed Contributions and Needless Death of Alan Turing

This week a claim was made that the sixty-five year old Turing test was finally passed. If this proves true, it will be one of the greatest computing milestones of the decade. While the achievement is being debated this is a good time to revisit the author of the test and his remarkable life and tragic death. If you were to make a list of computer scientists who have most changed the World, Alan Turing’s name would follow closely behind Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. While Gates and Jobs are household names, Turing’s contributions to defeating the Nazi’s, the field of cryptography and being considered by most as the father…

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